The Vault Important Information

The Vault Important Information

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Thank you for subscribing, looking forward to keeping you up to date on exciting exclusive items Mixtape Your Life items that were designed for only the truest of Funk Soldiers in the Purple Army. Please take a few minutes to read through the pertinent information regarding product availability, apparel sizing information, shipping information, and the FAQ section.Ê

Subscribers to the Vault portion of the site will have access to purchase ONE OF A KIND artisan crafted items, the ability to place orders for custom merchandise, discounts on previously released MYL merchandise that are deeper than the pricing that is available on the main section of my website, and every month, new single-run limited edition items. Vault subscribers will have ability to vote on and suggest items they would like to see. Those who provide their birthday information will be added to the Purple Birthday List and receive a specially designed art print birthday card.Ê

This protected area of the website will be password protected, with a new password for access every month. An email will be sent out during the first week of every month as to what the monthly password is as well as what the new featured Vault items are for that month. Please check your spam folder for these emails. At most you will receive 3 emails a month about the Vault. You may of course opt out at any time but I would be sad to see you go. Feel free to invite others to sign up to receive these emails, however to maintain the integrity of the list membership, those signing up will be REQUIREDÊto provide their first ANDÊlast name as well as their email address for verification purposes. Birthday information is optional and only for the purposes of the Purple Birthday List opt in. Instagram and Facebook social media information is not required but helpful to be able to stay connected.Ê

If you are on Instagram, please give a follow to @mixtapeyourlife. All Purple Fam who follow me on their will have access to my posted stories where I will also announce the Vault password for that month, show sneak previews of designs/products in the works, and other "behind the scenes" content about my work as an artist and what goes into creating the pieces that I design. If your Instagram page is set to PRIVATE, please send me a DM on Instagram with the words "THE VAULT" so I know to follow back/add you to the list of people who have access to the Vault Instagram stories.ÊÊ

I welcome you to the exclusive Vault pages but don't forget, there is A LOT MORE Purple themed items on the main part of my store in the Purple Army Collection, as well as alot of AWESOME non-P related products to shop from as well!

For a short FAQ as to what and will not be featured/sold from the Mixtape Your Life Vault:

The Vault FAQ

1. This says "The Vault", I thought there would be music available here?

Sorry, no. There are other places online to get bootleg recordings, this however is not one of those places. If you enjoy original art and artisan crafted items, please stick around!Ê

2. WillÊ you be creating/selling anything with the Love Symbol? I really would love to have a sticker/decal/painting/ornament/etc with it!

The Love Symbol (two different versions), as well as the logos for NPG and Paisley Park are trademark protected and will not be featured/sold in The Vault. There are already many options for Love Symbol merchandise available, the goal for me artistically is to provide items that are not currently being offered anywhere else and to not infringe upon these trademarks. On occasion, if I have extra materials left over from making other items (extra wood, acrylic, etc), I may make charms or other small items that will be GIVEN AWAY as throw in items in packagesÊor sold for a small cost with proceeds going to the PRN Alumni Association. If the Estate should approachÊme to create licensed art, jewelry, home decor or artisan items featuring the love symbol or any of their trademarked logos, there may be option in the future to expand my product selection to include them in my work.Ê

3. I live outside the U.S., will you ship outside the U.S.?Ê

Yes! I love my Purple fam from everywhere! Please note that just like with regular purchases to my website, orders outside of the U.S. are probably subject to VAT/Import Taxes which as a seller, it is illegal for me to pay for you; it is the buyers responsibility to pay these fees and taxes. The UK in particular seems to arbitrarily decide what and how much import tax they impose upon packages coming in, so if you are located in the UK please be prepared to pay any kind of import fees. Also, understand that postage to ship some items, like fragile home decor items, will be considerably more to ship than small items like patches, stickers or art prints. Those residing in Australia may also be subject to a 10% VAT as per the new import regulations on merchandise coming into the country.

With regards to shipping times, please understand that shipping times isn't an exact science and the USPS is notorious for not reliably scanning packages. USPS does not own their own planes to transport parcels, they use planes used by other carriers, such as FedEx and UPS. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason how a particular parcel is routed to your country because they are getting routed en masse with other parcels to the same areas of the world as other parcels from other carriers sharing the same planes. I have zero control over how the USPS routes your package and even less than zero in how long the parcel may sit in your countries customs before being released. In hundreds of packages sent overseas, I have yet to have ANY simply go MIA; they always show up eventually, so please be patient! I will have no more information as to its whereabouts than you will. I'm a bit of a nervous mama about my packages, so its always nice to hear when your package does arrive in your hands and letting me know it got there safe and sound IS appreciated! Tags and shares of your new wares on places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also fantastic! I ADORE seeing how far my art has traveled the world and to whom!Ê

4. I love your apparel designs but I'm plus sized, will you be carrying any apparel that will fit me?

I believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone! I primarily use two different manufacturing partners for my apparel and am limited to the sizes that they have available for manufacturing. My teeshirts and tank tops designs will be available in both slim fit (commonly referred to as "Women's" fit) and relaxed fit styles (commonly referred to as "Mens") available up to size 3XL, which should accommodate up to a 57" bust and 51" waist. For my bodycon dresses and skirts, the largest size available is a XL, however the stretchy material is forgiving and a size XL should be able to accommodate up to a 46" bust, 39" waist, 52" hip. I do my best to find apparel that will fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes but the industry is incredibly limited with regards to larger sizes.Ê

5. Why do you charge more for larger sizes on your teeshirts/tank tops?

My manufacturing partner charges ME more to make larger garments because it physically takes more yardage of fabric and trim to make them and the cost of those materials need to be factored in. I am personally charged $2-$3 more per garment on teeshirts and tanks 2XL and larger. I don't believe in fleecing consumers extra money based on their size they wear, and I previously have personally eaten the cost when larger sized garments are ordered.Ê In an ideal world, I would be able to continue to charging the same price for every size, if I was in a financial position where the loss didn't affect me. But I'm a one woman operation, and a very small time business owner. Unfortunately, I just can't continue to afford to eat the costs when larger sized items are ordered. Mixtape Your Life is and willÊALWAYS BE a body positive and inclusive brand. But my manufacturing partners charge ME more to have larger sized garments made (more material=more cost) and until I can find a suitable manufacturing partner for my apparel that charges me the same for all sizes, sizes 2XL and larger will be priced SLIGHTLY higher.Ê

6. There are Vault items I would like to purchase at the same time as other items from your website. Do I have to make these purchases separate or can I combine them into one transaction?

Great question! Please feel free to choose anything you like from my website, including Vault items, to your online cart, as you would normally do. If you have any discount codes to use, you can add them as normal to your cart and it will be applied automatically to the qualifying items

7. I would love you do a custom piece for me, is that an option?

I love custom commissioned pieces! Most things are possible, as long as its within my artistic wheelhouse, skill and capabilities. Send me an email and let's talk about the possibilities!

8. I love your enamel pins/patches! Will you be doing anymore of them?Ê

Yes! I have many more enamel pin designs planned! Because I'm an independentÊartist and the production and upfront manufacturing costs for these items is completely out of my own pocket, going forward into 2019, MAY BEÊconsidering utilizing Kickstarter campaigns to help defray the upfront costs associated with having these items put into production, which will also guarantee me pre-sales before putting hundreds and hundreds of my own money into developing new pin designs (which may or may not end up selling). If the Kickstarter campaign reaches its funding goal, the pin/patch will go into production. If it fails to reach it's funding goal, all pledged backers will get their money back and the item will likely not go into production.

The success of this heavily relies upon YOU! Without you, as a small time artist, I need the support of people just like you! I've got so many amazing things I'd like to share but I can't do it alone!Ê