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What is Mixtape Your Life?

Hi! My name is Melissa Lyn and I'm the artist behind my brand, Mixtape Your Life! People often come into my booth when I'm vending at local festivals and pop up events here in the Chicagoland area, "do you sell mixtapes"? No, I don't, but my brand was definitely inspired by the art of the mixtape!

As a kid and teen of the 80's and 90's, I have made hundreds of mixtapes (be them on actual a cassettes, then on CDs and now, playlists); crafting the perfect mix wasn't just a compilation of random songs, it was a carefully curated soundscape. Whether you were making a mixtape to give to a love interest that had songs containing lyrics in them full of sentiments maybe you were too shy to convey yourself, or a mix to make for a road trip, a mix to motivate you through a fitness routine, no mix was ever the same. Each one told their own stories, and had their own unique vision.

As a lifelong musician myself, music collector and avid music listener of all genres, music has always inspired me in every creative project I've had.

When I set out to create my brand in late 2016, I knew that I would be drawing inspirations from the worlds of music, the arts, pop culture, activism and esthetically it would be colorful but never being one to be boxed into one particular style whether in what music I listen to, how I dress or as an artist how I express my creativity, I wanted to develop a brand that no matter what kind of "mix" someone wanted to create for themselves style wise, there would be something for them from me.

One day you might be feeling a bit goth, one day you might be wanting something retro and preppy, or maybe you might want something kitschy or a bit naughty in nature. Just like these mixtapes that I grew up making in the basement of my childhood home, each article of clothing you choose, each accessory, each style choice for how you decorate your home, all of these become specifically chosen "tracks" in your very own mixtapes.

My brand initially started out selling vintage clothing and accessories (which is another life long passion of mine) and then I decided I wanted to shift my focus more to my background in the visual arts and start creating merchandise from my own illustrations and designs. I launched my first enamel pin and patch in 2017, which was followed by a small collection of stickers and has since grown into a wide product range of even more wearable art, even more stickers, frig magnets, apparel and as of 2019, my range of handmade jewelry and accessories, which is what I have become to be known for.

When I am not cranking out new creations, I like to spend my free time going to see live music, traveling, photography (which is what I obtained my BFA in) and trying out new restaurants.

I am mostly a one woman operation, being the sole person creating, making, mailing, doing all admin duties, and social media management, I however do have a wonderful spouse who is incredibly patient, loving and supportive and I am lucky to have by my side. My menagerie of animals often provide me with supervision, kisses and head butts.

Mixtape YOUR life! What mix are you going to create today?




Mixtape Your Life will be on VACATION from Aug 28 2023-Sept 25 2023


Mixtape Your Life will be on vacation from August 29th-September 26th. No production or shipping will occur during this time.
Attention International Customers!

Attention International Customers!

Effective January 1st 2021, I will no longer be able to process or ship orders to Germany and the UK and effective July 2021, I will be unable to process or ship orders to anyone residing in the European Union. This is due to new government regulations imposed on international sellers and is unfortunately out of my control.