COVID-19 Prevention Information

Mixtape Your Life has taken the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously during this challenging time. Mixtape Your Life is a one woman operation with all orders made, packaged and prepared by one individual. Myself and my spouse that resides in my house with me have followed the stay in place orders and social distancing protocols when they were implemented in Illinois on March 20th, 2020. Now, 2+ years after the onset of the pandemic, both me and my spouse have been vaccinated, booster (and boosted again). We both did end up contracting Covid-19 in October of 2021 and both of us followed isolation protocols as recommended by the CDC. 

As the virus continues to mutate and new strains present themselves, globally we will likely be faced with new waves of the virus. Both myself and my spouse will continue to take this seriously and follow the CDC and WHO recommendations to protect ourselves and others. 

International shipping as of this update (winter 2022) seems to have gotten back to some normalcy however as new strains show up, lockdowns and postal challenges can occur at any time. Packages being sent internationally will likely take much longer to reach you due to delays in processing times with the USPS as well as countries keeping all incoming international parcels in quarantine or in customs before being released for final delivery. Please be patient during this time, rest assured your package will arrive, it will likely take much longer right now as safety measures have been increased. 

Thank you for your support of small businesses, both now during this pandemic and going forward! Stay safe!