That Jacket Reproduction Fabric

That Jacket Reproduction Fabric

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*Current pre-order period is now closed. If product is listed as "sold out" you will have to wait until the next pre-order period will open back up on November 1st. All orders placed for the September pre-order will be shipped between Oct 6th-Oct 23rd*

This one is for all of you cosplay enthusiasts who have been wanting to make "the jacket" for yourself! This fabric is the AUTHENTIC fabric that was used for the famous denim jacket we all know! The original jacket used this fabric, in two different color variations, on different portions of the coat. This is REPRODUCTION printed fabric that has been done after digitization of the original fabric (which is beyond rare to find). 

This "fat quarter" of fabric consists of 3 square panels of blue and 3 of pink. This should be enough fabric to use for each section of your jacket where the patches were used. If you need a reference of which to use where, reference photos of the original jacket are available online. 

This reproduction fabric is heavy weight cotton twill, which is much more durable than the original thin quilting cotton that was used. This fabric has a weight more like a lightweight denim and will withstand wear! 

Because this is specialty printed fabric, I will be doing a batch order of it, which will take approximately 2 weeks to print and ship to me. This will be a *preorder* item, if you have other items in your order, they will ship out to you once I have everything to ship you together