Staaaph Enamel Pin **PRODUCTION ERROR ONES** LOT OF 50!

Staaaph Enamel Pin **PRODUCTION ERROR ONES** LOT OF 50!

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This is what happens when the artist makes an oopsy and ends up with 100 misspelled enamel pins. Apparently, the "correct" way to spell this is STAAAHP, not STAAAPH (which looks like Staph, as in staph infection). But now I'm stuck with almost 100 of these fuckers and I want them out of my sight

If you work in the medical profession, or more specifically, in infectious diseases and would find these funny/relevant, want to give them as stocking stuffers, take these off my hands at less than cost. My loss is your gain! Get a lot of 50 of them and give them out!Ê

These are the same quality as the Staaahp pins, these just are misspelled! White dye plated soft enamel, red enamel fill with glitter fill and epoxy coating. Single post back with black rubber pin backs.

Will not come with any backing cards, just the pins in a bag only!Ê