Love + Sexy XL Mirror Acrylic Charms

Love + Sexy XL Mirror Acrylic Charms

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This set of eight charms each measure approximately 3" tall (width will vary depending on the shapes width). These are BIG and make a great statement.

The size of these are intended to be able to be worn on a necklace chain as XL charms or on a waist belt chain

You are purchasing ONLY the charms (with their own 16 gauge jump rings attached), not a chain. You will need to buy your own waist chain/necklace and attach them yourself with a pair of flat nose pliers (which are inexpensive for a few dollars and found easily on Amazon or any craft store).

The chains shown here are for demonstration purposes only, you need to supply your own chain/necklace. (Since people's sizes vary, I don't have the time to be cutting and selling custom sized chains to go with these). The ideal type of chain to get is a curb chain style so you are able to attach each jump ring to an individual link. A chunkier style curb chain 5mm or larger is recommended.

These charms are laser cut from a special double sided mirror acrylic and are available in either gold or silver. Due to the nature of the material, it will pick up fingerprints and dust from normal wear and handling. Care instructions will be included; do not use any sort of solvents or household cleaner on it. A lint free microfiber cloth is all that is usually necessary to gently buff out any fingerprints. If you need to use a cleaner to take off dust, use either eyeglass lens cleaner or a plastics cleaner like what I use, called Novus. Every order will already include a sample bottle of Novus and a small microfiber cleaning cloth.