Call Me Extra Large Mirror Acrylic Brooch

Call Me Extra Large Mirror Acrylic Brooch

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Apelle-moi! Any time, any place, any where!Ê

This piece of wearable art is a beautiful statement piece for any music lover, 80's fan, or retro fashionista! Made from rose gold mirror acrylic, this brooch is a whopping 2" tall with double posts and locking pin backs. 

To keep the surface of these scratch and smudge free in transit during shipping, a clear plastic film is on the front side. You can choose to leave it on to make it easier to keep clean of fingerprints or take it off to reveal its full brilliance.

Mirror acrylic is a very sturdy material but will necessitate some special care. Do not use solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, acetone, nail polish remover (with or without acetone), Windex or any other sort of kitchen cleaning agent as doing so may cause "crazing" in the acrylic, which can cause some unsightly cosmetic imperfections. The appropriate type of cleaner to use is either a very mild soapy water and microfiber cloth or any sort of cleaner meant for cleaning eye glass lenses. My acrylic cleaner of choice is called Novus, which can be purchased online. A 10ml sample bottle of Novus is included with your brooch.Ê