Arguing With People On The Internet Frig Magnet

Arguing With People On The Internet Frig Magnet

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Do you have a problem in the comments section of social media sites? Is it a struggle to just close the app and not engage? The struggle is very very real! 

I made a personal resolution to stop wasting my valuable time arguing with people in the comments section but its really hard! This pokes fun of anyone (by anyone, I mean me) who just can't help themselves in the comments section! 

Laser cut and engraved from a few types of specialty materials, the main piece is a blue to white material, a holographic glitter for the "frame" and a blue acrylic backing piece.

The most unique feature about this is the blank area that can be written on and erased at your whim with any dry erase marker! These will arrive blank and you can write on them yourself with your own marker (marker not included). 

Instead of using a dry erase marker (with can be very smudgey by design) you CAN use a regular fine tip sharpie marker on the little dry erase area but to remove it, you will need to use something like acetone or isopropyl alcohol to take it off. 

Measures approximately 3.25" tall and 2.5" wide. Two strong ceramic magnets are glued on the back. 

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This is a handmade made to order item, please allow up to 7 business days for me to make and ship your item to you!