Attention International Customers!

Unfortunately, there are parts of world that I will no longer be able to process orders to for a variety of reasons. Effective January 1st 2021, I will not be able to process orders or ship to customers residing either in Germany or the UK and starting in July 2021, I will also no longer be able to process or ship orders to anywhere in the European Union. 

This is due in part to new shipping and import regulations that are being put on all businesses outside of the UK/EU. In 2019, Germany began enforcing the German Packaging Act, which requires all packages coming into the country to have declarations of the type of assorted packing and shipping materials being used, in an effort to reduce unnecessary packaging waste in the country. While this is a noble cause, the new regulation makes it incredibly difficult for micro businesses to weed through the assorted red tape required to figure out how to be compliant and avoid fines when shipping packages to Germany. As a result of this, going forward, I will no longer be accepting any orders across all sales platforms to customers in Germany. 

In addition, beginning January 1st, 2021, the UK now requires all retailers outside of the UK to start charging VAT to their customers for every sale. Previously, VAT (as well as the other assorted import and customs charges) were asked of the customer once the package was received in the country, before it could be delivered. Now all online retailers will have to calculate and collect VAT to all orders from UK customers and then remit those monies to the appropriate government agency. Once again, for microbusinesses, this creates another level of red tape, paperwork and administrative duties that usually outweigh the profits from those sales. In order to obtain a VAT number to do this, I would have to obtain a third party VAT manager, which is costly and would cost me more than I potentially would make. As of now, only the UK specifically is affected, but once these new regulations go into place for the entire European Union, I will no longer be able to process or ship any orders to either the UK or the EU from this website. 

For UK/EU customers who would still like to order from me and support me as a artist, you can still do so by shopping with me on my Etsy shop; Etsy would be the one responsible for collecting and remitting the VAT on my behalf. Keep in mind that VAT will be automatically calculated for your purchase at checkout, which Etsy will collect and remit to the appropriate UK government agency. There is no way around having to pay this. This is only for VAT, and bear in mind you will still likely have to pay an additional import/customs fee, as required by your government for imported goods. This is your responsibility as a customer and unfortunately, I can not get around that. My Etsy shop has far less items listed than I do here, so if there is something you want but don't see it there, PLEASE reach out to me because I CAN set up a custom listing for you there so you can still make a purchase from me. 

These changes are not easy for anyone, they are frustrating for everyone involved. I adore my friends and followers from abroad and even if you are unable to purchase from me, your support in the form of engagement on my social media pages and word of mouth to your friends is forever appreciated. 


Blessings to everyone in 2021 and beyond! 

Peace, Love, Butt Stuff,