Baby You're A Star Foil Print
Baby You're A Star Foil Print

Baby You're A Star Foil Print

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Did you ever want to be a star? Now you can! This is for a personalized 8x10 fully foiled print with YOUR first name in the style of the famous star. 


Print is 8x10 with 3 different colors of foil (glossy black, matte gold, shiny gold). Since these are all handmade items, no two will be exactly the same. There may be slight variances to the filing than what is shown. 

Please understand these are HAND LETTERED, not using a prefab font. I will do my best to have your name in the space provided, best amount of characters that works is 4-7 letters. 

Since these are all handmade, please allow some time to complete them, I will do these in the order they are received. 

Your print will include the first name of what is on your billing information. If you want anything different, you will need to send me an email to let me know immediately after ordering what name you want on your print. 

Makes a great gift!